How do I connect my Shopify account to TaxCloud?



Steps to connect your Shopify store to your TaxCloud account

1. In your TaxCloud dashboard, navigate to Settings, then to Stores.

Click Add Store.



2. Enter your store or website name and website URL.

The URL would be entered following this syntax:



3. Select your marketplace from the drop-down menu on the right. In this case, choose Shopify.



4. Next, you need to enter your Shopify store name. Login to your Shopify account admin and go to Settings>General.  There you will see the store name. Copy and enter this store name into TaxCloud (along with

It should look like



5. Set your automatic monthly report to True from the drop-down menu and click OK to complete the save.



6.  After saving your store, you are returned to the Stores page.  Find your Shopify store and click Link to Shopify. 



7. You will receive a dialog message indicating that you have configured your store to automatically upload transactions to TaxCloud every month. This is good! You will need to link the TaxCloud app to your Shopify store. To do this select Link Application at the lower right of the dialog message.



8. This will bring you to Shopify, where you will be able to install the TaxCloud app. This grants TaxCloud the authority to view your Shopify Account data and orders so we can help you calculate, collect, and remit sales tax to the states where you have sales. Click on the button on the lower right that reads install unlisted app.



9. You will now return to your TaxCloud dashboard where you will see your store listed at Shopify.



10. When you are ready to submit live transactions to your account make sure to select the Go Live button.  Accounts that are already live, will have a Live label instead of the button.



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