Logo Specification

TaxCloud Logo Specifications and Trademark Usage Guidelines

tax_cloud_large_rgb.pngThe TaxCloud® logo is used for visibility and positive recognition in today's marketplace. The manner in which we consistently present our brand will play a significant role in the public's impressions of our service. The goal is to keep our communications simple, dignified and coordinated, for a positive and professional image. The reproduction of our brand in print, broadcast and electronic media is reflective of the pride we take in every aspect of our TaxCloud service.

We recognize that each new design situation creates a new challenge. In a world where new communication vehicles and methods arise frequently, we must be flexible but consistent. This brief guide provides direction for the construction, use, and treatment of our TaxCloud logo.

Logo Specifications

The TaxCloud logo is specifically designed to identify the our TaxCloud service. This logo is composed of the representative icon including a logotype wordmark ("TaxCloud") and optional tagline ("Sales Tax at the Speed of Commerce").


The first time our wordmark appears in a document, it should always be displayed with the circle-R registration symbol (with subscript positioning if possible) - example

If in text-only a capital letter R surrounded by parentheses - example:
Footnote/endnote attribution should include notice:
TaxCloud is a registered trademark of the Federal Tax Authority, LLC

The TaxCloud Wordmark

TaxCloud is always one word, with T and C always capitalized (unless written out as a URL).

TaxCloud URLs

  1. TaxCloud should alwys be referred to by the URL
  2. In written form, it is acceptable to leave off the protocol specification ("https://" or "http://").
  3. Please do not prepend "www."

Stylized Graphic Logo

The TaxCloud logo is based upon a horizontal (11:7 ratio) rounded-rectangle.
  1. top corners radius = 1 x or 1/7 height
  2. bottom corners radius .5 x or 1/14 height.
  3. The height of the wordmark in the graphic logo is approximately 1.5 x or 1/4 of the overall rectangle height with left and right margins to the edge of the rectangle approximately .5 x or 1/22 of overall width.
  4. In use, the graphic must always be separated from all surrounding elements by at least 1 x or 1/7 rectangle height and 1/11th rectangle width.
  5. High-resolution download (format: PNG with transparency including margins) is available at https://prev.taxcloud.net/logo/TaxCloud_Logo.png.


TaxCloud font

The font used for the stylized wordmark is Trebuchet MS with standard BOLD style applied. Example:



TaxCloud Colors

The TaxCloud logo utilizes three colors:
  Blue Orange White
HEX: #0066FF #FF7800 #FFFFFF
RGB: 0,102,255 255,120,0 255,255,255
HSL: 144,240,120 18,240,120 160,0,240
CMYK: 90,48,0,0 0,64,100,0  
Spot Color Coated: Pantone 285 C Pantone 1505 C  
Spot Color Uncoated: Pantone 300 U Pantone 1505 U  
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