Is there a step-by-step guide on how to go Live?

Yes! The steps to go "Live" after you create an account are listed below. Additionally, please see our videos on the subject at TaxCloud Videos to Get Set Up 

You'll also note that a "Go Live Advisor" appears at the top of the screen after you initially login to your account. The "Go Live Advisor" walks you through the steps required to take your account Live. Until you Go Live, your account is in test mode. (Please note that TaxCloud will not generate reports, file returns or remit funds for test transactions.)

Here are the steps to Go Live:

1.) Add your business' state of incorporation by going to Settings... Profile. While you are on the Profile tab, please complete the other pieces of requested information too. (The W9 is optional, but required if you need to change your Legal Name and/or Streamlined tax ID)

2.) Enter you business' address(es) by going to Settings... Locations

3.) Enter your payment instrument - either a credit card or a bank account. Please note, you must enter a bank account and routing number if TaxCloud is remitting taxes to the state(s) for your business. This is because we have to pull the tax proceeds you've collected in the previous month to send to the appropriate states' Department of Revenue.

4.) Configure your account to collect sales tax in specific states by going to Settings... Manage Tax States. The first thing you'll see is a map of the United States. Note that any state where you entered an address (Step 2 above) is highlighted in orange, while the 24 blue states are participants in the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement.

By default, every new account is set up to collect sales tax in any state with a business address, as well as the 24 Streamlined states. You have the option to turn off collection in the 24 Streamlined states, however TaxCloud will no longer be free.

If you want to collect tax in another state, just click on it and answer the questions: your sales tax ID for the state, your filing frequency (monthly, quarterly, etc.) and (if TaxCloud is filing for you) your login credentials for that state's Department of Revenue website.

5.) Get your API credentials to connect your online store/ website to TaxCloud by going to Settings... Stores & Websites

6.) Decide if you want to participate in Automated Compliance by going to Settings... Automated Compliance. To learn more about Automated Compliance and the different ways you can configure your TaxCloud account, please click the links below.

Info on the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement (SSUTA): Info on SSUTA

Info on TaxCloud configuration options: Set-up-and-Registration

7.) Though not mandatory prior to going Live, please remember to select the appropriate Taxability Information Code (TIC) for any items you sell that may receive special tax treatment. For example, many states apply special sales tax rates to items like food, clothing and medicine. The general default TIC for items that do not get special treatment is "00000". A list of TaxCloud's TICs can be found here: Taxability Codes

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