I think TaxCloud is using an incorrect sales tax rate.

If you believe that the wrong sales tax rate is being applied to a transaction, first make sure the following account settings are correct:

  • Are all of your physical locations entered in TaxCloud? (See the Locations tab)
  • Have you selected every state where you’re collecting sales tax on the Tax States map? States where you are collecting appear in blue or orange.
  • Is a complete, verified address being used? Some states require more than just a 5-digit zip code for sales tax rates; a Plus-4 zip code (XXXXX-XXXX) or even a complete address may be necessary to get the correct rate. Address verification ensures that the most complete address possible is being used. TaxCloud can use the US Postal Service's address verification; for instructions, see the user guide.

If the answer to any of these questions is "no," correct the setting and then recheck the rate. If the answer to all of these questions is "yes" and the rate is still wrong, please email us at service@taxcloud.com.

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    Updating taxable states on the map does not update the "Sales Tax Policy Statement", and I suspect is also why I am receiving incorrect taxes for states I have disabled.

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    TaxCloud Customer Service

    When you de-select a state on the map, the change takes effect the next day so that sales tax obligations are clear by date.


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