What is the Configuration Window?

TaxCloud Configruation Window

To ensure your company does not unintentionally or mistakenly collect sales tax in states where you are not legally licensed to do so, TaxCloud has an automated "Configuration Window" process which routinely monitors all new accounts, and will prompt your account to set at least one of your Websites in TaxCloud to be live within 30 days (or longer, if you need more time).

Q: Do I need to enable Automated Compliance?

Answer: No. Being Live in TaxCloud does not affect your decision about whether you want to use Automated Compliance, or not—that's a business decision you still get to make.

Q: What happens when my Configuration Window closes?

Answer: Once your account Configuration Window closes, your account will remain fully operational, but our APIs will no longer respond to your requests with tax amounts due on each transaction. TaxCloud will resume providing tax amounts due the moment you have set at least one Website to Live mode.

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